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Thread: v9 Windows 7 64 bit compatibility issues

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    Default v9 Windows 7 64 bit compatibility issues

    I have been working on the 64 bit operating system of Home premium windows 7
    I installed alpha software V9 in the program files X86 folder .
    I then made a new folder on the C: drive called AlphaDatabases and installed the application
    The result of this is the program runs but I have found serious glitches that really put in doubt
    the stability of the whole project. very curious events for example I have a first name , Middlename and Lastname field in Contacts , Clients and Assignments forms all are created in
    the same way, I concatenate the fields with a small program that is fired on entry into
    the fullname field which is constructed in the action script dialogue.
    Basically I use a formula of :
    alltrim(Firstname)+" "+alltrim(Middlename)+" "+alltrim(Lastname)
    this works in the expression builder as expected saving that
    I then go to my fullname field and I get the following error message

    Script:TEMPLATE line:10
    expression_result =  eval("alltrim(Firstname)+' '+alltrim(Middlename)+' '+alltri
    Variable "Lastname" not found.
    looking at the program in the interactive window I see

    [CODE]'Set 'Value' property of 'Fullname' in Form 'Assignments' .
    DIM form_name as c
    if is_object(topparent.this) then
    form_name =".this"
    form_name = ""
    end if

    DELETE expression_result
    expression_result = eval("alltrim(Firstname)+' '+alltrim(Middlename)+' '+alltrim(Lastname)",form_name)
    parentform:Fullname.value = expression_result[/CODE ]

    I can't see why this doesn't work. It works in my other two forms and fires without any problems
    looking at the code in both of those programs there is absolutely no difference. hmmmm
    the only thing I saw that I also didn't understand was when I looked in Variables there was
    a variable "A5_sys = " blank nothing beyond the =

    I tried putting alpha into compatibility mode first with the compatibility wizard I found in the help
    and then by going to the exe in program files x86 folder right clicking and setting compatibility to xp sp3
    this changed nothing except that I got a "do you want this program to change windows or something
    dialogue" that I now have to click everytime I start the program. This is all very frustrating
    my clients are not about to break open for an upgrade just because they baught new computers.
    that was a big enough expense for them. They all have developer versions of v9. so at least they don't have a runtime fiasco naturally alpha simply states that the sofware is not licensed for that operating system. After all they are selling
    v11 so what if more than half the users out there are still using v9. Customers don't want to upgrade every year or every
    operating system. xp Vm is not an option as it only works on professional or ultima. It is curious that one sees nothing
    about compatibility of V11 with windows 7 64bit operating systems or any assurance from alpha that windows 8 will not void the V11 investment. Maybe we should all wait and see before we jump into something that will not be supported by
    alpha in just another year. Ok I realize there is a huge difference between 64 and 32 bit operating systems. I suppose it
    is a near miracle that alpha v9 runs at all. I have read however that some people have had success running alpha in windows 7 64 so I guess I am asking if anyone knows some tricks or can see what is happening here.
    Thanks for any insights or suggestions

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    Default Re: v9 Windows 7 64 bit compatibility issues

    There are a number of threads about this and compatability.
    V9 and 10.5 work fine on Win7 64.

    Check that the versions are the same. If your App is developed in a different version, to the dev one you are using to access it, this will display the data problems you are encountering.
    Did you install the latest patches as well as V9 on the PC?
    Load Alpha Engine somewhere else. The X86 folder in Win7 works in a different way permissions wise.
    Run Alpha as Administrator first time. (right click - run as admin).
    Ted Giles
    Example Consulting - UK
    See our site for Alpha Support, Conversion and Upgrade.

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    George R. Kenney
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    Default Re: v9 Windows 7 64 bit compatibility issues

    Ted Thanks for your observation I will try to rectify the issue.

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