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Thread: New Records to USB-Update another same application with USB

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    Default New Records to USB-Update another same application with USB

    How can I possibly automate a process wherein I add new records for example on a product table, then i'm going to copy these new items to a USB device to update another computer with the newly added records, an individual with a little experience in manipulating database systems can accomplish the process.I want end user to just click a button and its copied.This sample scenario is not web based, its a desktop application that are NOT connected in a LAN, Is there a script so that when i click a button, the new items will be added to a usb device, then with that usb, i will connect it to another computer then click a button-select the usb-then click OK-then the new items will be added to table on the new computer.Thank you!

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    Default Re: New Records to USB-Update another same application with USB

    You first need to have a way to filter for "new" records in your table(s). This might mean adding a field, blank initially, that gets populated when you copy the records to the usb.
    The usb device needs to have a table(s) to which you copy records.
    The receiving records process needs to append the records to a table(s) on the receiving end, verify the appended count, then empty the table on the usb device.

    If the receiving database is on a machine connected to the internet you might want to

    copy the records to a temporary table
    email the table to the receiving machine
    save the temporary table on the receiving machine
    append the records to the receiving database

    repeat as necessary.

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