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Thread: Bills by Customer:Job filtered by Rep and Date

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    Default Bills by Customer:Job filtered by Rep and Date


    I'm considering purchasing QReportBuilder but I'm not sure if I can generate a report that I want.

    When my REPs order product we deduct the product cost immediately from commission.

    So basically I need a "Bills by Customer:Job" filtered by "Rep" - is this possible?

    The other option is each REP has a "Supplier" allocated to them to track this, which gives me:
    "Bills by Customer:Job" filtered by "Supplier" - is this one possible?

    Attached is a screenshot showing the customer:job allocated to the Bill. The customer:job has the REP assigned. But for the life of me I can't get this info out of QB. There's no connection between a Bill and a Rep. I need the list of customer:jobs, not just a total Bill amount as the Reps need to know what they're paying for.

    Happy to buy QReportBuilder and pay someone to build this report, but I need to know if this is possible.




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    Default Re: Bills by Customer:Job filtered by Rep and Date


    Looks like a go..

    I'd suggest that you join the webinar held every Thursday. (and assuming the snow isn't bad tomorrow, we should be on time...)

    One of the great parts about QReportBuilder is the ability to join data that is in QB, but not connected by QB themselves.
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