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Thread: Saving file to USB stick

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    Default Saving file to USB stick

    I have only just started to use this programme. Having designed a database with tables and forms. I want to switch to using A5 on my laptop as I will now be travelling quite a lot. Prior to deleting A5 from my desktop and installing it on my laptop I can't see anayway of saving the database file to a USB stick so I can load it on the laptop. Help!

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    Default Re: Saving file to USB stick

    Sorry, I don't understand.

    An Alpha database generally consists of a number of dbf tables and their support files. All you need do is to copy the directory containing your database to the flash drive and from there to the laptop. (Windows Explorer)

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    Default Re: Saving file to USB stick

    John, your licence allows you to have two versions running - Desktop and Laptop.
    If as I suspect you want to use the flash drive as the common data set, then just load the database to the flash drive and run it from your installed version of Alpha on the Laptop.
    You may have issues however.
    If, like me, you see something and decide to "fiddle" with your application on the Laptop, you will need to keep in mind that the data and constructions may/will be different between the Desktop and the flash drive.
    It's best to sit on your hands and wait until you get back to whichever is going to be the "driving" application host.
    Ted Giles
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