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Thread: Filter records on one table with the value of another table

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    Default Filter records on one table with the value of another table

    Hello friends,

    I have the following attached image files:



    According to the forms, I have two tables: patients_info and medical_records, and these tables are connected to each forms above. The Patients Name on the medicalRecordsForm is an alltrim of columns (Title, First_Name, Last_Name) from the Patient_Info Table.

    Now, the issue here is that I want to be able to filter records on the medicalRecordsForm with the selected Patient Name on the form from the Patient_Info Table. Once the patient name is selected on the medicalRecordsForm, the form will be populated with a medical record of the selected patient, if there is one. If there isn't any record of the selected patient in the form, it will display a blank or new form to enter medical records of the patient.

    Also, on the browse at the medicalRecordsForm, the column name "Patient's Visit" will always indicate (in numeric values) the amount of visits the patient has had anytime the details of the medicalRecordsForm form is edited and saved. This area is still a puzzle to me too.

    So, Using the Patient_Info table row to filter the records on the Medical_Info table is a problem to me. I guess this is done either on the table or on the form. I don't know how to make this work.

    Any ideas?



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    Default Re: Filter records on one table with the value of another table

    The Please Read Before Posting suggests that a sample database often leads to the quickest and best answers (not guesses). Pictures are nice but don't tell the whole story.

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    Default Re: Filter records on one table with the value of another table

    Sounds like a Set is required here.
    It is a simple matter to display records from two tables if they are linked as a Set.
    Do as Stan suggests for a quick solution/answer/suggestion.
    Ted Giles
    Example Consulting - UK
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