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Thread: System-Email Settings

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    Default System-Email Settings

    I'm failing at trying to configure the email settings in Alpha Five desktop. The settings in View-Settings-Email is what I am talking about. I am trying to use a Gmail account. I have enabled pop3 support for the Gmail account. I am using these settings:

    On the Account tab
    incoming mail -
    outgoing mail -
    I'm using my gmail user name and password

    On the Receiving tab
    Use secure connection = SSL

    On the Sending tab
    SMTP Authentication Method = Use same settings as my incoming mail server
    Use secure connection = TLS
    Advanced tab
    SMTP Port = 587
    POP Port = 995

    When I test the settings this is what I get:

    Connect to Outgoing (SMTP) Server succeeded.
    Login to Outgoing (SMTP) Server succeeded.
    Test e-mail send failed:

    I've also tried SMTP settings for SSL and then the test just hangs. I'm out of ideas. If anyone knows how to use the settings please let me know.


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    Default Re: System-Email Settings

    I've had problems with mail using V9. The settings page doesn't have the info for Gmail.
    V10.5 works fine.
    Have you tried mailing to a Gmail account using the Alpha Mailer and also your default mailer (Outlook?)?

    Windows Live Mail gives a MAPI error in V9 but is OK in V10.5
    Outlook works OK in V9
    Ted Giles
    Example Consulting - UK
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    Default Re: System-Email Settings

    If you can connect to gmail from outlook express, then use those settings(pretty much) in alpha. It should work.
    Dave Mason
    Skype is dave.mason46

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    Default Re: System-Email Settings

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveM View Post
    If you can connect to gmail from outlook express, then use those settings(pretty much) in alpha. It should work.
    The key word there is "should".

    I have never been able to get GMail to work in the latter versions of A5v9. It did it work in some of the earlier versions but if you switch to an early version then you will have to put up with some of the other bugs that were fixed in later versions. The only options are to use a much earlier version (sorry, I don't have any idea which version(s) it worked in) or change to a different version of A5.

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