I am not sure how to even fix this error, so I am wondering if anyone has had this and has a hot fix.

The error derives from a window when you have "Close when click on background". I thought at first it was possibly a phonegap issue as I could not replicate the issue on working preview. However, I finally was able to duplicate it. When I clicked on the scroll bar on the working preview, the same error that pops on my phone appears. The error doesn't really do anything as the window closes anyway, but that error is a real pain and I can't have it on my mobile app if there is no real solution. If there is a work around, that'd be great (a different way to do close on background).

When I remove the "close when click on background" the error no longer shows - both on working preview and mobile. I put a message out on stack overflow and to no avail, no one had a solution (or really bothered to answer). Is this a bug or is it something I am doing elsewhere?

Build 5667

uncaught typeerror.png