Hi All!

So I have this bit of code in my clientside OnGridInitializeComplete event:

	jQuery('button#show-hide-trigger').click(function () {
The weird thing is whenever this runs a javascript alert pop fires from my OnSummarySectionRender event. The section being hidden isn't even the summary section, it is a search section, but that is besides the point. I thought that the browser handled all the rendering for this function. I guess there is some GET going on after the animation or is there something built into alpha that gets the page?

The reason I ask is that there search fields that are filled by the OnSummarySectionRender event that I don't want to change when someone just hides or shows the search field. I can program around that, but it seems like this adds unnecessary overhead to the application.

Also, it would just be great to have more understanding of how this function works so we know what to expect in the future.