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I recently had a client with the requirement to check whether linked content in a GRID is dirty to prevent closing a JS Popup window without requiring them to save or cancel their changes.
Selwyn just posted the following video to address this issue - hope you find this useful:

Grid Component Preventing User from Closing Pop-up Window if Grid or a Linked Child Grid is Dirty It is common in web applications to have buttons that open a Grid component in a pop-up window. The Action Javascript builder when you build this action has a built-in property that allows you to prevent the user from closing the window if the Grid shown in the window is dirty. But what if the Grid shown in the window has Linked child Grid components? You might want to also check that the child Grids are not dirty before the window can be closed.

In this video we show how this can be done.

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Date added: 2016-08-04