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Field Rule Lookup Table

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  • Field Rule Lookup Table

    We have a field "towncode" in one of our tables (inst_inq) that has a field rule lookup table.

    When we defined the lookup, we specified "g:\bcbss\towncode.dbf" as the table to look up into.

    The inst_inq table is in a different folder than the towncode table. "g:\medicaid\inst_inq.dbf"

    When we open up the field rules to look at the lookup table definition, the "g:" is missing.

    on a non-shadowed system, the lookup works just fine, even without the "g:".

    On a shadowed system, when the user tries to change the field, an error is thrown stating that the lookup table could not be found "C:\bcbss\towncode.dbf".

    In a perfect shadowed world, the lookup would go to "c:\shadow\G\bcbss\towncode.dbf" (c:\shadow\G) is the location of our shadowed systems)

    All attempts to redefine the field rule definition have failed in getting the "g:" to stick.

    I've included screenshots of the field rule definition as well as the error.

    Any and all help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Field Rule Lookup Table

    Tom, You did say "Any and all" and no one else has responded yet so here is an idea which may not be practical but if your desperate....

    Have the system check if it is running shadowed.
    If it is then use xbasic to alter the field rule to prefix "\shadow\G" to the path. (the system seems to be defaulting to c:\)

    Not having worked much with shadowed systems I don't know if the field rules are stored locally as part of the shadow process. I thought they did. If so this might work.
    Tim Kiebert
    Eagle Creek Citrus
    A complex system that does not work is invariably found to have evolved from a simpler system that worked just fine.


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      Re: Field Rule Lookup Table

      Thanks, Tim.

      We already check to see if we're shadowed.

      I had no idea that you could modify field rules with x_basic. I will look into that.



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        Re: Field Rule Lookup Table

        Would it be possible to include the lookup table into the workspace?
        Never tried this with a table on another system. Just asking.
        Dave Mason
        Skype is dave.mason46


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          Re: Field Rule Lookup Table

          Have you tried defining the lookup at the form level? Don't know if that would make a difference or not - but the shadow does have its own local copy of the form.

          Discernment is not needed in things that differ, but in those things that appear to be the same. - Miles Sanford


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            Re: Field Rule Lookup Table

            Here's an example of changing a field rule using xbasic.

            'use xbasic to set Data Entry field rules for field "Transno"
            dim p as p
            'rul.transno.Data_Type = "user"
            rul.transno.Data_Type = "AutoInc"
            Alpha Anywhere v3.5
            Version 12.3, Build 2999
            MySql56 & DBF's

            Alpha 4, 5, Anywhere

            Ron Anusiewicz


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              Re: Field Rule Lookup Table

              Another thought...In v11 I have had some problems in the past when trying to change the lookup table. What I did to fix it was delete the rule, save the table and close, compact and then reopen and add the rule back. That either blanks the rule or brings up the prompt to delete the old fill info when I select another table. If you are not getting the prompt, apparently Alpha won't delete the old info.

              Discernment is not needed in things that differ, but in those things that appear to be the same. - Miles Sanford


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                Re: Field Rule Lookup Table


                Thanks, but I've tried that and I have a feeling that there is something remaining even after the rule is deleted.

                My next thought is to copy the data and indexes and rebuild the rules in the new table. This table has a LOT of field rules, and I really don't want to re-do all those rules.

                To me, this seems like some sort of FLAW in the software if it loses the drive definition.

                This happens even in ver 10.5



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                  Re: Field Rule Lookup Table

                  Sounds like the drive value is hard copied into the a5 code. A few versions back you couldn't move a desktop application off the C drive with confidence that it would run properly.
                  Just a thought: How about trying to assign/use an alias to point/map to the other drive? (system settings)

                  Just saw this new link here in forum on how to use an alias:
                  Last edited by SNusa; 02-21-2016, 07:33 PM.
                  Robert T. ~ "I enjoy manipulating data... just not my data."
                  It's all about the "framework." (I suppose an "a5-induced" hard drive crash is now in order?)
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                    Re: Field Rule Lookup Table


                    We use this table for lookups in numerous databases. We have a very complex system with applications all in separate folders on a main server drive "G". We've been running this way for over 15 years. It is only THIS one particular field rule in this particular table that is giving us an issue.


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                      Re: Field Rule Lookup Table

                      Hi Tom;

                      That is odd. I think you're "ahead of me" on the alpha curve, but I sometimes overlook the obvious with "screen burned eyes."
                      What's happening in the trace window and the script recorder when you're using this field? How about when you're simply setting it up/editing/saving or reviewing the table field rules themselves? Anything strange happening on this one as opposed to when you assign G to the other one? You might just see something happening there there that will give you additional insight.

                      If you don't see anything out of the ordinary there, maybe you could open the file (at different times) that contains the field rules with an external program like a spreadsheet viewer to see when this assignment is actually loosing the "drive designator?" (G) ~ Granted, this I've never tried (on the file that contains field rules), but many of the a5 related files can somehow be viewed with a spreadsheet after being renamed.....

                      I know the check-marks don't always correspond to settings, but I noticed the events check-mark is set. I wonder if anything could be going with this field's events that is causing the problem?
                      What about the indexing etc. in the external lookup table @ G? Could there be some kind of discrepancy between the external lookup field and the field in the local table? Have you tried compacting the external table? (Anything odd with regards to indexes used in combination with possible odd field values? (see "Odd characters in fields" below)

                      In my bug discoveries, I've come across numerous instances where things don't happen as expected for seemingly totally unrelated reasons. And then it's not a "broken all the time scenario" which is maddening lol. Recently I uncovered a .dbf linking issue where a5 flagged an error only sometimes. (alltrimmed values were used to determine compatibility as opposed to actual field sizes, or something like that.)

                      Odd characters in fields: Are there any strange characters anywhere in any of the field tables? I found that some of the a5 internals (actions in the menu) failed unexpectedly & unflagged when there was an asterisk ONLY in the first character of the fields value. (a menu selection in query or find, can't remember) Since this is only on one single lookup, I'd wager it just might be a similar yet totally unrelated scenario. Some strange combination of data/code etc is wreaking havoc with that lookup? ~ Odd table data characters somehow "break" the a5 code without warning.

                      FWIW: The flagged events tab triggered this thought: I very recently found out that the onArrive browse event only works with some code due to a5's internal field placement. (Script recorder shows the onArrive executing a for i = 1 to x loop to set the cursor in the selected field. This causes things like browse left/right navigation to fail etc.......

                      The only way to navigate left/right on this event trigger (that I could find worked) was via sys_send_keys("{HOME}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}") on the onArrive event!
                      All the other code was fine, just no left/right navigation etc.

                      I had to to do this to make it respond accordingly:
                      '[B]onArrive browse event[/B]
                      [B][COLOR="#0000FF"]sys_send_keys("{HOME}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}")  'THIS WORKED.[/COLOR][/B][COLOR="#0000FF"][/COLOR]
                      'parentform:control_browse3.activate()   [COLOR="#FF0000"]'BUT NONE OF THIS BELOW WORKED/MOVED THE CURSOR.....
                      '	dim vc_Code as C
                      '	vc_Code = <<%code%
                      '		this:Status.activate()
                      '		ui_msg_box("",this:invoice.text)
                      '		this.left()
                      '		this.left()
                      '		this.left()
                      ' 		%code%
                      ' 	ON_XBASIC_IDLE(vc_Code)
                      Last edited by SNusa; 02-22-2016, 11:47 AM.
                      Robert T. ~ "I enjoy manipulating data... just not my data."
                      It's all about the "framework." (I suppose an "a5-induced" hard drive crash is now in order?)
                      RELOADED: My current posting activity here merely represents a "Momentary Lapse Of Reason."


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                        Re: Field Rule Lookup Table

                        Tom, I'm sure you know this, but in a shadowed system Alpha cannot see outside the current folder, as in field rules.
                        In scenarios like this, instead of using a field rule, I use code to open a form to open the table that is located in a folder outside the current folder, and let the user select from there.

                        PS: if the table is in a subfolder, you can add it to the current adb, and it will work.
                        Cole Custom Programming - Terrell, Texas
                        972 524 8714

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                          Re: Field Rule Lookup Table


                          I don't want to seem argumentative, but we use folders outside of the database folder all the time. It took quite some time to get it right, but this is how we do it:

                          We use libraries and tables from other folders by making sure we shadow the "outside " databases FIRST, then when we include them in other databases, we allow Alpha to create subfolder references to the "outside" tables and sets, then we carefully add the tables, sets and libraries from their proper folders into the shadowed database. Once the "correct" ones are added, we remove the references to the ones created in subfolders.

                          Its a LOT of work, but it does work!

                          Once it is done one time, the appropriate folder references stick, even when we "refresh" the shadow.
                          The only thing to remember when refreshing is that "external" libraries need to be re-added to the shadow database.

                          regarding the initial issue,

                          I took the advise to change the field rules with x-basic. The only difference was that my reference is to the entire path instead of the mapped drive letter.

                          insteead of

                          When I re-checked the rules using full version, the appropriate file was there.

                          Just to clarify the problem.
                          the field rule in the full master version read

                          in both version 10.5 and ver 12.

                          Last edited by Tom Henkel; 02-23-2016, 07:08 PM. Reason: clarification


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                            Re: Field Rule Lookup Table

                            wow - you are totally outside my experience!!
                            sounds like you got it working.
                            Cole Custom Programming - Terrell, Texas
                            972 524 8714

                            "A young man who is not liberal has no heart, but an old man who is not conservative has no mind." GB Shaw


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                              Re: Field Rule Lookup Table

                              I certainly believe that you are minimizing your expertise!

                              If you remember from years ago, I described our "Application". We have a main database that "calls" other databases that call other databases. In ver 5, shadowing was easy. Alpha wasn't so strict on where the tables and things were located, it just used them where they were. When we went to ver 10, the system wanted everything in the database folder or subfolders. It took quite some time to figure out how to get around it, but we figured it out.

                              regarding the workaround, I'm not sure! The employee that uses the table with the lookup field rulesaid that she was good, but yesterday, she said it was still an issue, so now I'm confused all over again...