I have a grid on the desktop for which I had a single field set as the primary key. everything was working smoothly and about 50 records were entered without a hitch. Then, I began to get Script Error messages, After the third one I rebooted A5. Everything was going OK until I had to edit a record. Now I get the error message that says, "Record was not updated because more than one record matches the primary key value for this record". I then removed the expression for the primary key value and switched it back to the default, "Record Number"; closed A5 and opened it again. Again I tried to edit the record but the same error message appears. and the edit cannot be saved." (I have a column for both saving the edit and canceling the edit)

Since no primary key is defined and the default "Record Number" is used, this error message should not occur. Any ideas what the problem might be or how I might diagnose this?

Thanks much,