I spent a whole day on this before posting (just to let you know I researched first).

We are using Active Directory and have a grid we would like to lock certain search criteria (and field showing/editing) based on what group a user is in.

For instance, if it is a normal user outside of an administrator group, we want to default automatically filter a flag called "Processed=0" (doing this by default in the OnSearchRender event. If the user is an administrator, don't use the filter at all, but provide a search filter at the top.

1. What Server / Client events (or non-scripting if possible) can I use to accomplish this?
2. Am I on track using the IsCurrentUserInRole? I am having a tough time using the Context property on both server / client events (perhaps I am using the wrong ones).

There are so many with years of experience and I appreciate all the help so far.