I have a ShortTime type field in my table. I want to see only "HH:MM" in my calendar.
In Interactive
vTesttime as a ShortTime Field Type and Display only hh:MM

Base on "Formatted_Date_Time as C = TIME( [ Format_String as C [, Date_Time_Value as T ]] )"
dim vTesttime as y =03:09:29 32 pm
vtime =time("0h:0m",convert_type(vTesttime,"t"))
= "15:09"
From Interactive, the above script is gave me only "HH:MM" , however I applied it in my scripts in here, ShortTime(Red color), then I got an error.
function get_day_list as c(day as c)
("schedule","shorttime+' '+left(strtran(strtran(appt,crlf(),'-'),'^',''),30)+'|White,Blue$'+cdate(date)+'^'+recno()",\
end function
So I revised as this
dim bidtime as y
bidtime=ctot("03:09:29 32 pm")
vShortH= shorttime_extract(bidtime,"h")
= 15

vshortM = shorttime_extract(bidtime,"m")
= 9

vshortHM = shorttime_extract(bidtime,"h")+":"+shorttime_extract(bidtime,"mm")
= "15:9"
I replaced the ShortTime with "shorttime_extract()+":"+shorttime_extract()". I am not able to get the "HH:MM" at all.

How do you convert the ShortTime field value as only "HH:MM" type in xBasic Scripts?