This is an offer that Alpha Software Inc. is making to existing Alpha Four users:

Don't get us wrong: Alpha Four is a great product. But for one reason or another, you may want to transition to Alpha Five.

We'd like to make the transition as painless as possible for you.


Here is the proposal:

Purchase our recently released Windows-based software, Alpha Five Version 5 Home Edition for $99.

Continue to run your Alpha Four application, until you have created your Alpha Five application.

When you are ready to transition all of your users over to an Alpha Five Version 5, we'll be happy to apply the $99 as a credit towards your purchase of the Alpha Five version 5 network pack.

Why is this a good deal? Your initial investment would only be $99 and you will receive this credit when you purchase the Alpha Five version 5 network pack.

A Message Forum dedicated to transition issues has been established, and is staffed with a moderator who has experience with A4 and A5, and who can offer assistance and guidance. Other members of the Alpha Forum Community who have transitioned (or currently are in the midst of transitioning) have been invited to offer advice and make suggestions as well.


A 30-day FREE trial of Alpha Five Version 5 Home Edition is available:

It is always recommended that you make a backup of your database before introducing a new version.

Differences between the Alpha Five Home Edition vs. the Full Version can be found by viewing:



What portion, if any, of my Alpha Four application will make the transition to Alpha Five?

All data will make the transition. Browse screens, reports, forms, labels, indexes and scripting will have to be recreated in Alpha Five. There are however literally hundreds of Genies in Alpha Five to make script writing and form/report design, etc. very simple and effortless.

Alpha Features and Advantages

Editors of PC Magazine, CNET and PC PRO all gave our Windows-based Alpha Five 5 stars (their highest rating.)

If you are an end-user:

Alpha Five has action scripting, which automates over 200 different actions! The Script Genie allows you to create highly customized, fully-automated applications in an entirely menu and prompt-driven fashion. No knowledge of Xbasic, Alpha Five's programming language, is required to use the Script Genie.

Reporting -- font and graphic selections are much more varied than in Alpha Four , as is the selection of print and formatting options (Acrobat PDF, Rich Text, HTML or plain text.)

Alpha Five has powerful, fully-integrated e-mail capabilities. The e-mail capabilities can take advantage of either your existing e-mail client, or the built-in Alpha Five e-mail client. You can now send and receive e-mail directly within Alpha Five, as well as e-mail reports and merge data from tables into e-mail messages. Using NetMailer you can also send highly personalized mass email-merges from an Alpha Five database.

A Quick Export to MS Excel that can be executed directly from the toolbar is included
Automated mail merge with MS Word is included.

Data encryption is part of Alpha Five
An integrated backup and restore capability allows you to take “snapshots” of your database at various points in time. You can now zip tables, sets and entire databases from within Alpha Five and even e-mail them.

An Audit Trail feature is included, which keeps track of changes made to a record and when the changes were made.
Spell Check is available throughout the program.

Searching, Filtering and Querying are extremely powerful in Alpha Five using the flexible and easy using the Query Genie System
Forms can have Smart Fields that, when you click on them, open up a pop-up a calculator, a calendar, your e-mail client or your web browser.

The help system is extensive and you can add custom help to the applications that you develop in Alpha Five
Network optimization allows for rapid performance across networks.

And much more.

If you are a developer:

Alpha Five offers a complete and highly developed programming language, xBasic which includes xDialog for building Dialog boxes. (In fact a lot of the user interface of Alpha Five was written in XDialog.)

Alpha Five has a rich development environment including a, multi-pane Script Editor with auto-complete logic, color coding, auto-complete expressions, bubble help and many other features.

You can view the underlying XBasic code generated by Action Scripting with the ability to switch from Action Scripting to the Code Editor and back!

Add-ins provide the ability to add new features to Alpha Five.

The Xbasic has a built in Debugger along with Profiling to analyze how much time each line in a script is taking to execute.

OLE Automation and Active X support give Alpha Five virtually unlimited levels of extensibility.

Alpha Five sports a powerful Expression Builder, including auto-complete technology to help with syntax, customized fonts, color-coding, expression libraries, bubble help, display of sample values and more.

Intelligent Function Finder to locate over 500 functions easily.

And much more.


For more information, or to place your order with a customer service representative contact Alpha at: (781) 229-4500.

-Jeannette Cook
Customer Service Representative
Alpha Software, Inc.