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March 16: Content Management, a Blog Example, and an Online Spreadsheet

Last week we looked at User Management. This week we will take a look at Content Management, or at least how I do it using my AlphaToGo Framework. And as a special case, how I use Content Management plus a few tricks to manage my IADN blog posts. The basis of my Content Management is a fantastic utility named CKEditor.

This week we will take a brief look at AirTable. I would describe this product as a highly enhanced online spreadsheet. It is not a direct competitor to Alpha Anywhere, but since many of our clients choose a database application to replace spreadsheets, it is an alternative our clients may be looking at.

Finally, if we have time, we will take a look at the brand new "Developer Survey Results" by StackOverflow which show which are the most popular technologies for developing software, and a ton of other metrics. This is not directly mappable to the world of Alpha Anywhere, but we can draw some comparisons. Here is a link to that study: