In honor of the anniversary of the creation of the Barcode (Oct 7, 1952) yesterday, I have just posted a trial version of the CSDA Barcode functions for Alpha Five on my web site.

The trial version will return every other character of the barcode, but otherwise is not crippled. In test and graphic displays, you will see the actual barcodes.

There are barcode scanning (for desktops) and Barcode creation (for desktop and web) functions, as well as very useful test modes useful for working with barcodes.

Currently, the only available functions are
  • Barcode() - used for scanning
  • Barcode_C128() - Used for creating any Barcode 128
Additional barcode symbologies (starting with Code 39) will be made available after changes are made to incorporate user requests.

To install, just download the Zip file. Unzip, and place the AEX in the FOLDER C:\Program Files\A5v10\Addins_Installed or similar. Then start up A5, and run the functions without arguments for the built-in documentation.

To download the Zip file (which includes the documentation), or to view the documentation, go to CSDA Barcode Page

Comments and suggestions are welcome.