Linked In Alpha Anywhere Group - 2 new Webinars, 8 new articles

Richard Rabins


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The topics of the webinars and articles are listed below.
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1. Forrester Research Webinar Hosted by Alpha Software – Forecasting More Precisely the Cost of Building Mobile Applications

2. Dan Bricklin, Alpha’s CTO featured in InfoWorld’s Special Report – “The Triumph of JavaScript”

3. Getting up to speed using Alpha Anywhere

4. A Record of Innovation with Alpha Anywhere

5. Intensive, Hands-On Training Courses Enables Alpha Anywhere Developers to build Extraordinary Web and Mobile Business Applications

6. Cross Platform Application Development with a Single System: A Game Changer

7. Alpha Anywhere incorporates CSS Icon Fonts from Font Awesome to help make your Alpha Apps Awesome

8. Security Threats – a Webinar hosted by Alpha and a Leading Security Expert on How to Mitigate them

9. Why MS Access Developers and Companies with MS Access Windows Applications are turning to Alpha Anywhere to migrate to Web and Mobile Solutions
10. Building Native Mobile Applications in Alpha Anywhere with PhoneGap